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The Reality of the Opioid Epidemic

We have previously talked about the myths surrounding drug addiction and the lack of funding of treatment programs.

New news has recently come out stating that the stigma surrounding drug addiction is lessening in the world. This stigma being that drug addiction is a criminal justice problem - now people are FINALLY realizing that drug addiction is a mental health issue and a disease that could affect anyone.

However, funding remains an issue. Advocates are fighting to expand drug addiction treatment, but, until then, present addiction programs like those offered at BornFree Wellness Centers will continue to combat this disease!

Here’s a thought...

Many of you may be wondering, why has opioid addiction become such an epidemic? My thoughts coincide with the ideas of physicians whom I’ve spoken with and we believe that it is partially due to the powerful painkillers prescribed in America.

Physicians and patients are lucky enough to live in this country, where there is great healthcare available compared to other regions of the world; however, this also comes with a price. Physicians in the U.S. want their patients to get better; thus, many prescribe the most powerful prescriptions to combat patient issues.

But what if, for instance, the pain does not stop with the medication prescribed or the patient’s body no longer responds to the powerful medication? The physician would need to increase the dosage or put the patient on more powerful medication, which may not be possible because the physician would have already prescribed the most powerful medication. This could lead to eventual drug addiction.

What do you think is the cause of this epidemic?

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