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Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

BornFree has been hosting events to help patients gear up for the holidays season and bringing joy to our patients and staff. We began the month by group meetings where patients and staff created their own ornaments, many have been used in the Christmas tree at the clinic. This was followed up by a patient breakfast celebration. Staff made eggs, turkey bacon and waffles for our patients to enjoy. This celebration was funded by the Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy funds. Chris and Christine Hekimian, principals of this funding joined the breakfast. They are an important partner in the community. They have provided financial assistance for our patients when they had nowhere else to turn. Their partnership has made our work easier and enabled our patients to stay in treatment. Thank you Chris and Christine! We are so grateful for their support. Finally, there will be card making groups for patients to make cards to give out as holiday gifts to their loved ones. Check out the pictures from this month.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

The Stars & the Globe!



...and the Ornaments Capture the Spirit!

Its all in the Colors!

Again Have a Wonderful Christmas Everybody!

From all of us at the BornFree Wellness Centers of America

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