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Social Distancing in Regards to Mental Health & Recovery

As all of you are aware, the entire world is facing one common issue at the moment. Something that has simultaneously affected our day to day routines and although there is a lot to keep in mind to stay safe, it is vital to be considerate of your mental health and recovery process as well.

First of all, what is social distancing?

Well, from the last blog that you can read here, we know that COVID-19 is spread easily through respiratory droplets therefore maintaining space between you and other individuals is important to keep you and those around you safe. The CDC recommends 6 ft of space between individuals as well as discouraging gathering of more than 10 people.

However, this directly impacts the addiction recovery community by canceled/postponed support groups. It is vital to find ways to stay connected and be held accountable, at times isolation can breed relapse. The following are ways to maintain recovery and rehabilitation while still practicing social distancing. Although this pandemic has probably shaken your day to day activities, it is still important to create your own routine. By incorporating some of these practices into your life for the foreseeable future you will be better equipped to deal with recovery.

Participate in AA meetings online: With a simple online search you will be able to see different schedules for AA meetings being conducted online. These online meetings utilize certain softwares that make it as close to a real meeting as possible.

Take long walks: Self Quarantine does not mean that you cannot be outside in nature, it is important for your mental health to leave the house and get your body moving! A great way to do this is by simply going out to a trail or even your neighborhood sidewalks. However, be sure to keep a distance of 6 ft between individuals.

Journal: Writing down your thoughts everyday can be helpful during drug rehab because you can document how you feel, this is a great way to put emotions into perspective and you will be able to refocus on what matters most to you.

Stay in Contact with Your Loved Ones: Luckily, we have access to technology that will make Social Distancing more tolerable. Especially if at any time you begin to feel overwhelmed by the current events, talk to your support system. Let your friends and family know what you're dealing with and if you need help.

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