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Tackling the Holiday Season with Ease

The holiday season can be hard for everyone, but especially whilst dealing with addiction and addiction recovery. Culturally, this season has morphed into a time that revolves mainly around eating, drinking, and socializing with family members and friends. However, Here are some tips to handle difficult situations with Christmas and New Years approaching soon.

  1. Surround yourself around people that will support you and your recovery. Being around people that understand your past of drug dependency and are understanding of your sobriety are the people that will make this time the easiest.

  2. Have an ally, one person in your circle that you trust and is someone that will hold you accountable. This person should be someone that is well versed in your history of drug/ narcotic abuse as well as any substance abuse treatment, or opioid treatment program.

  3. Bring your own beverages. Unless you have talked to the host of the part prior and are sure that non-alcoholic beverages will be available it is never a bad idea to provide your own beverages.

  4. Stay focused on your own recovery and your main goal. Realize that this is merely a day in your recovery process. Some days will be testing, others not so much. It is your job to be your own biggest advocate, know your triggers and notice any mood swings and have a plan of attack when you begin to feel uneasy or overwhelmed. A craving lasts for about 20 minutes, so whether that means taking a walk or moving to a new setting- keep yourself busy and talk yourself out of your urge.

  5. Have an exit strategy. If it all becomes too much, and you begin to feel overwhelmed then be able to fake a reason to leave. Maintaining your sobriety is your biggest priority and by no means should it be compromised.

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