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Press Release: BornFree Pioneers New Addiction Treatment in Partnership With The Chicago School

GERMANTOWN, MD – BornFree Wellness Center, an opiate addiction recovery practice near Baltimore, MD, today announced a partnership with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology to enhance the public’s understanding and treatment of opiate addiction.

mental health provider The Chicago School

The Chicago School is a graduate school specializing in psychology.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) is one of the leading nonprofit institutions devoted exclusively to psychology, and related behavioral health sciences. Post-graduate clinical interns from the University’s Online CACREP-accredited Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, will work with patients at the BornFree Wellness Center via telemedicine to treat past physical and emotional trauma, which growing research indicates is frequently co-morbid with addiction. Expanding counseling services serves the Center’s secondary missions of involving academia in the clinical approach and improving accessibility to mental health care—the sessions will be free of charge and take place on-site, improving ease of access.

Deaths from opioid overdose now rank among heart attacks, stroke, and cancer as leading causes of death in Maryland. The leadership of BornFree Wellness feels that understanding the causes and contributing factors of addiction are the only way to slow the growing epidemic facing the United States.

“The Chicago School is thrilled to partner with BornFree Wellness Center for this critical work,”said Tiffany Masson, Psy.D., Online Campus Dean, The Chicago School. “What’s most impressive about this is that not only are clients able to get the help they need free of charge, but they are also getting counseling virtually -- without sacrificing quality of care and without worrying about the usual elements of time and distance, as they can take an appointment wherever they may be with a computer.”

“As the medical community treats more and more patients of opioid addiction, common aggravating factors are becoming more apparent,” explained facility owner Shariq Mirza.“BornFree Wellness Center seized the opportunity to work alongside The Chicago School to demonstrate that past trauma is a major predictor of addiction, and that treating the mental wounds of trauma is key to a successful recovery.”

These mental health services will augment BornFree Wellness Center’s holistic well-being approach, in which individual case management, medically-assisted treatment, and mental health counseling are combined to address the physical, mental, and spiritual health needs of each patient.More information about the Center’s treatment options and clinical approach can be found at their website.

About BornFree

BornFree Wellness Centers of America is a national model of private outpatient substance abuse and addiction treatment clinics. The organization leads innovation in services to increase access to treatment and implement excellence in supporting the recovery and holistic well-being of patients.

About The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Founded in 1979, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) is a nonprofit,private university devoted exclusively to psychology, and related behavioral and health sciences, and is an affiliate of TCS. The university serves nearly 4,500 students across campuses in Chicago; Southern California (Los Angeles and Irvine); and Washington, D.C., aswell as through online programs. The Chicago School is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, (WSCUC), and its Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program in Chicago is accredited by the American Psychological Association. With more than 20 graduate degree programs, thousands of hours of real-world training, and a wealth of international opportunities, TCSPP is the leader in professional psychology education. To learn more, visit


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